Jordan Knight's electric new single, 'Let's Go Higher,' world premiered on Z100 just yesterday -- and with it's upbeat, poppy beat and catchy lyrics, it's bound to be the 'going out' song of the season. (Like we could expect anything less from a New Kid!)

Knight hits the club in this dance-crazy track, and when the music starts it's nonstop moves. The New Kids on the Block frontman lets his dance partner know that their body is calling to him -- and he won't let them down -- as he outlines in the chorus:

"Baby you and me / Take it to the middle of the dance floor / I got what you need / Tell the DJ we'll be spinning on the dance floor / And let's go higher / Let's go high."

We don't think you'll be able to listen to this one without groovin' -- we couldn't.

'Let's Go Higher' is the first single from Jordan Knight's forthcoming solo album. The hit new track is now available on iTunes.

Listen to Jordan Knight, 'Let's Go Higher'