NKOTB member Jordan Knight, often viewed as 'the cute one' and the best singer of the bunch, is doing his thing on the song 'Stingy' from his 'Unfinished' album. It's a mid-tempo love song with R&B touches and Knight's falsetto keeping things buoyant. Note: it's "stingy" as in cheap, not "stingy," like something a bee likes to do.

Knight and 'Stingy' get an assist from his edgy NKOTB bandmate Donnie Wahlberg, who sings a few '80s-inspired pre-choruses and a bridge, also tossing in a little rap part about a "careless whisper for a careless man," which is a quiet nod to Wham and George Michael.

When Knight sings "Baby I am just so / Stingy / I can't let go / You got me so stingy," we can appreciate the sentiment of clinging to the one you love ... Despite all evidence that they have already moved on with their lives and don't reciprocate.

While the song is a solid chunk of poppy R&B, the lyrics definitely drift into silly territory midway through, especially when they are sung by someone who is well over the age of 18. There are a few metaphors about the object of his affection being like cake and ice cream, but when he croons, "You should be wifey," it elicits more than one eye roll. There's a different between cutesy usage of teen lingo and corny and that line certainly is the latter. Still, Knight wises up and coos, "Instead I'm keeping on foot in / And one out the door," it reels us back in.

The song is airy and light, despite a weighty, relationship-based subject matter. Overall it’s a good summer R&B song with a frothy lyrics at times.

Listen to 'Stingy' By Jordan Knight.