Jordin Sparks is the latest singer to partake in a Funny or Die clip that's, well, hilarious. She appears on a European talk show called 'Let's Be Honest,' which is hosted by a sleazeball named named Christoph who probes her by asking inappropriate questions. Christoph also fails in his attempt to do a one-armed push up in honor of Sparks' appearance. He's a dime store Borat, and he falls flat on his face on the makeshift, trashtacular set while calling her "Jordin Sparkler."

Christoph asks outrageous questions of his guest, diverting from the pre-screened list that was provided to her publicist, who is then seen behind the curtain with a knife to her neck, leaving Sparks flushed and confused.

In an homage to that pretense fest known as 'Inside the Actor's Studio,' Christoph asks Sparks what is her favorite curse, even though she says she doesn't use that type of language. Christoph proceeds to hump her, and she admits she likes to say "crazy, nasty b---h."

He continues to prompt her to be "honest," as is the premise of the show, and she breaks down from the pressure, saying, "I spend all the money I made on tour on nothing. I got my dog a car. Being honest is fun. I like feeling relaxed, it's nice."

Sparks then says, "I don't want to sing anymore. I wanna rap. I want to change my name J Train and break beats with my flow." She then dons a pair of shades, drops a beat and starts rapping.

Watch Jordin Sparks 'Funny or Die' Clip