Jordin Sparks, who recently debuted a newly svelte and womanly figure, was the youngest 'American Idol' winner ever when she took the prize and nabbed the crown back in Season 6. Since then, she has enjoyed a healthy measure of post-'Idol' success as a pop star. Tonight, she sauntered back onto the stage to perform her new single, the decidedly grown up, lava-hot 'I Am Woman.' Lauren Alaina, are you watching? You should be. This is the career trajectory you want to follow.

Wearing a silver metallic trench coat and black heels, with her hair blown stick-straight, Sparks was every inch a woman. Wow, has she grown up a lot in the past few years! Of course, Sparks eventually shed the coat to reveal a black, body-skimming, dress that moved when she did. It was a nice touch by her stylist, and it was the perfect moment to show off the body she worked so hard to sculpt.

'I Am Woman' operates off a rock n' roll battery, and could very well be this year's 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),' since it screams 'female empowerment' with its bumpin' beat and lyrics that celebrate being a woman. Sparks was all woman, flirting with Steven Tyler and even planting a kiss on his famously plump set mid-performance. Finally, an 'Idol' gives it right back to him!

Jordin Sparks made it clear that she is woman -- and we heard her roar loudly on tonight's 'American Idol.'

Watch Jordin Sparks Perform 'I Am Woman' on 'American Idol'