Jordin Sparks continues to do things to her body. First, she goes through a dramatic weight loss and reveals an absolutely slamming, svelte body that was the result of the singer working hard to get into better shape. Now, she has gotten a new tattoo on the right side of her rib cage, just under her breast. Sparks, 21, posted the photo of her latest ink here, effectively showing off both her rock hard abs and her fresh ink.

"New tat on my rib cage...'Respira' I love it. :)," Sparks, a former 'American Idol' winner, wrote. She elaborated on what the word means, saying, "Respira'= Breathe. It's for my time on ITH, the people I met there & a reminder to take a moment when things get crazy. < 3."

"ITH" is a reference to Sparks role as Nina Rosario in 'In The Heights,' a Broadway musical in which she starred in the fall of 2010. Also, it's not lost on us that Sparks' biggest single was 'Tattoo,' so life is imitating art twice in this case.

We're also going to take a second to give Sparks props for the fact that she got inked in what is widely reported as one of the most painful places to be tattooed. Brave girl.

Watch the Jordin Sparks 'Tattoo' Video