Former 'American Idol' winner Jordin Sparks, who nabbed the crown at age 17 (and at size 14), worked hard to get her body in the slamming shape it's in, so it's no surprise that the singer wants to show it off.

After posting a TwitPic of her newly shapely body a few weeks back, Sparks is now going a step further and appearing in a bikini in a "Most Amazing Bodies" feature in PEOPLE. Sparks is part of the cover sidebar and the 21-year-old is showing off her well-toned, size 8 bod.

"I've always felt cute, but now I feel sexier," Sparks told the weekly publication. She reveals that got into shape by taking Zumba classes, through portion control and adhering to a healthier lifestyle, after stints as a vegetarian and on the Master Cleanse diet failed miserably.

One thing Sparks didn't want to lose was her curves and who could blame her? "I definitely didn't want to lose my curves. I'm in a good place now," Sparks said. She looks terrific, shapely and stunning.

In an accompanying video, Sparks said she was initially nervous about checking her Twitter account after she posted that revealing, self-taken photo of her new hot bod, for fear of what people would be saying. Overall, though, everyone around her who matters supports her. She said, "My friends and family are seeing a little girl grow up. I haven't had anyone come up to me and go 'Wow, you look fine, let me get your number' type thing yet, but I've been focused on the music, so I have not been in that environment yet." Yet being the operative word, as we expect dudes to try and get Sparks' digits when they see her out.

Sparks also said she still gets a glimpse "the same person" when she looks in the mirror, but also acknowledged that "it's fun to see the different muscle groups I couldn't see before."

Jordin Sparks has a healthy mind and body, it seems!

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