Jordis Unga began her very first live performance on 'The Voice' tonight (April 2) by leaning against the piano, singing the opening verse of Heart's '80s power ballad 'Alone' intently and steadily. It was just the calm before the storm, as the resident rocker on Team Blake Shelton really let 'er rip once she hit the chorus. She was building it up to tear it down and her performance was memorable because of it.

Unga, looking the part of a stunner in a black blazer and gold mini paired with straight hair, had some massive notes to hit throughout the song, and she nailed every one with a hammer and had Shelton rocking out in his big red space chair. He said Unga did the exact opposite of playing it safe, taking the hardest parts of the song and blowing the roof off. It was a gutsy move for her, but it should pay off.

Shelton was incredibly proud of his pupil, as she finally allowed her confidence inform her performance. It's easy for her to focus on that big voice but she needed to inject a little strength into it, too. Mission accomplished.

Watch Jordis Unga Perform 'Alone' on 'The Voice'