Jordis Unga clearly loves her parents. The Minnesota native brought her adorable mom and proud papa to her auditions for 'The Voice,' where her dad danced in a hibiscus print tunic (that, admittedly, looked a lot like a dress to us). "I really feel obligated to give them something," Unga said of her supportive family. "First I was in punk rock band, then pop rock ... Now I'm going back to everything that made me want to be a musician in the first place."

It turns out a certain former Beatle made Unga want to be a musician. Sporting a red jacket that matched her crimson lips, Unga belted out Paul McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed,' winning over almost the entire panel.

"I love this song," whispered Adam Levine, teasing his button, but then pulling away to instead air drum in his seat. Blake Shelton hit his button first, followed shortly thereafter by Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, who hit their buttons at the same time, grinning at one another.

At the conclusion of the song, Levine applauded, but didn't turn around. However, he explained his decision. "I am the a-hole who didn't pick you," Levine said. "Towards the end, I was thinking of picking you, but there were only four seconds left, and they," he said, motioning to his fellow judges, "already turned all their chairs around."

Aguilera rubbed Levine's nose in it. "That's right, you didn't pick her. We did!" she said, smirking. She was much kinder to Unga herself. "I loved that I heard," Aguilera said earnestly. "It's a really tough competition this year, so we're much more guarded and much more picky. We don't want to choose anyone who isn't amazing."

Cee Lo's sale was much simpler than anyone else's. Motioning to his aubergine and onyx biker jacket, he told Unga, "You already got the team colors, red and black. I picked you," he said. "I picked you. Simple." Simple indeed!

Shelton was extremely enthusiastic about Unga. "You are the top person that I have been sitting here waiting for," Shelton gushed. "You're the type of singer that makes me excited about what I do and makes me want to be better myself as a singer," he said. "I am a believer."

Aguilera and Shelton argued over whether touring opportunities (remember, he took last season's runner up Dia Frampton on the road with him) or individualized attention would be better for Unga. Shelton reminded her, as he's prone to do, that he picked her first. This time, it worked. "Christina, I'm so sorry, I love you," Unga said, her voice shaking, "But I have to go with Blake. He picked me first!"

Watch Jordis Unga Perform 'Maybe I'm Amazed' on 'The Voice'