If Josh Groban could pitch a story idea to hit 'Glee,' what would be? The singer, who recently sat down with Parade magazine, didn't hesitate one bit when asked that exact question:

"A 'hair-off' between Matthew Morrison and me would be an absolute delight," he says. "I think I could take him down!"

When that will happen, if ever, is undecided. But if his idea went past 'Glee''s creator Ryan Murphy, it wouldn't be Groban's first time on the show. Groban played a judge next to Olivia Newton-John in the Regionals showdown season finale.

And we know Groban would be a hilarious edition. The Grammy-winning singer -- who turned 30 on Sunday (Feb. 27) -- is apparently quite the prankster. When asked what he requests while on tour, he replies: "My most unusual request for the bus is a CB radio. You can tap into the truckers' radio and talk anonymously. I love to prank walkie-talkie! Like, '10-9er, 9er, radio check. Over.' And they say, 'Yeah, your radio's working all right. Where you going to?' [Then I say] 'I'm hauling about 20 tons of Velveeta down to Austin. What are you haulin'?' I tell you ... It's addictive!"

A recent New York relocatee, Groban admits he enjoys the laid back vibe that the City has to offer when compared to Los Angeles. "Generally, I don't find many women in New York who are looking for a free ride or talking to me for the wrong reasons," he notes. "They don't care what I do. Everyone's got something going on here, which is wonderful because you can have a conversation that doesn't involve the superficial."

Groban's latest album, 'Illuminations,' is in stores now.