America, are you ready for a little Krajcik magic? We sure are!

Josh Krajcik followed his duet performance of 'Uninvited' with Alanis Morissette with a soulful, rock 'n' roll rendition of Etta James' classic torch song 'At Last.' It was his "song to win," and it's highly likely Krajcik sealed that win thanks to his choice of song and the way he twisted and shaped it to fit the Krajcik mold.

Strumming a guitar and performing at the top of the stage, Krajcik gave the song a rock 'n' roll makeover. It was his final 'X Factor' performance, and it was a ballsy move, since that song was definitive for James. James even criticized Beyonce's faithful (and awesome) cover, so it's a tough song to tackle.

But Krajcik was smart to take the song and make it his own by turning it into a rock song. It was not easy to do, but the former burrito maker did it. Simon Cowell said this was a $5 million song and he took a risk not to play piano and to try it with a guitar.

Krajcik is a rock star, no doubt about it. In a competition littered with pop stars, Krajcik stood out for his risks, for his rock 'n' roll sensibility and that emotion-filled voice.

Watch Josh Krajcik Sing 'At Last' on 'X Factor'