We love burritos but we don't want Josh Krajcik to make them for us anymore. We want this (soon to be former) food service worker to sing for us. On tonight's episode of 'X Factor,' his mentor Nicole Scherzinger chose a fragile song, sung by a female. Hmmm. We were raising our eyebrows and wondering WTF Scherzinger thinking. Krajcik's strength is big, bold, powerful songs and his mentor lobbed him a creative curve ball.

The song that could have tripped Krajcik up was Christina Perri's delicate 'Jar of Hearts.' Krajick knocked it out of the park, though, as he showed us two sides of his voice: the raspy, soulful roar that we've become accustomed to, as well as a sweet, rarely heard falsetto. He only went there once, but when he did, all we could do was mouth "Wow!" He nailed it, and we could feel his voice in our veins.

Krajcik started out quiet and restrained, and we were waiting on the edge of our seats for him to just let 'er rip and that is just what he did, especially on the final note when he sang, "Who do you think you are?"

At first, it was  the most questionable of song choices, which was something Simon Cowell expressed concern over in the pre-performance interview package. But once Krajcik opened that mouth of his, Cowell was left eating his words. He said Krajcik sang the song like he wrote it.

L.A. Reid quipped, "I like your before. But I dig your after!"

With his furry beard and long-ish hair, Josh Krajcik looked every inch the rocker, with his leather jacket, all- black ensemble and that million-dollar smile.

Let a teenager who needs an after school job deal with the guacamole and the rice and beans! We want more Josh Krajcik singing in our ears, on our radios and iPods.

Watch Josh Krajcki Perform 'Jar of Hearts' on the 'X Factor'