Burrito maker Josh Krajcik, who really reminds us of Nakia from 'The Voice,' is a bearded dude who can sing. The 30-year-old from Columbus, Ohio prefaced his performance by saying he doesn't want to go back to making burritos and playing empty night clubs. He wanted to make this performance something the judges and viewers remember forever. A little side memo: Those are lofty aspirations, Josh. Aspirations that every remaining contestant has! So you have to bring it. Now.

Did Josh Krajcik bring it? Oh, it was brought!

Krajcik dug into Simon Cowell's past to perform 'Up to the Mountain' by original 'American Idol' Kelly Clarkson, and he turned in a husky, emotional rendition of the song, summoning power from the deepest recesses of his heart and soul. He sounded a little like Joe Cocker, too. He's got confidence and the voice to match.

Krajcik didn't move us an inch. Instead, he moved us a full football field with his emotional heft and delivery. He has captured the true essence of blue-eyed soul, and if he keeps it up, the burritos will be something he still eats but no longer makes.

We admit it. We're crushing on Josh Krajcik and his voice. He's an early favorite.

Watch Josh Krajcik Sing 'Up to the Mountain' on 'X Factor'