Josh Krajcik performed a heartfelt rendition of Rolling Stones' 'Wild Horses' while seated at a piano on tonight's episode of 'X Factor.' Since the hopefuls were performing songs in tribute and giving thanks to people in their lives, Krajcik dedicated his performance to his daughter. His version of the song had the right amount of everything: passion, authenticity and God-given talent.

We already knew Krajcik could sing. Now we know he can play piano beautifully too.

Paula Abdul said contestants always need to be bigger than the song and that Josh was. He was larger than life. We also like that he brings the rock to the 'X Factor' stage.

We would not be shocked if Krajcik took the Over '30s category away from Leroy Bell. He certainly has the chops and a unique quality to his voice and his style. His mentor Nicole Scherzinger told him that his music can "change the world."

Krajcik took a moment to thank the fans and the audience. Hey, it was strategic, since their votes determine his fate.

Watch Josh Krajcik Perform 'Wild Horses' on 'X Factor'