Josh Krajcik, the final member of the over 30s group, performed Leonard Cohen's desperately, achingly beautiful 'Hallelujah' for his second song on tonight's semifinals episode of 'X Factor.' Seated at the piano, with star-kissed trees as his stage props, Krajcik -- known for his husky and soaring pipes -- exercised restraint for the first verse and chorus before absolutely erupting for a moment. The singer said in his pre-performance interview package that he wanted to connect with the fans, and his alternately subdued and emotionally simmering performance did exactly that.

For one fleeting moment, Krajcik's eyes bulged as he hit the big notes, but for the most part, he toed the line and proved that you can pack a punch without using your fists.

L.A. Reid said the performance lacked excitement, a statement which PopCrush shook its fist at and mightily disagreed with. It's a tenderhearted song that shouldn't, nor does it need to, bounce off the walls -- and Krajcik nailed it as though his voice were a hammer. A teary-eyed Paula Abdul said, "If this was the finals, you'd be the one to beat." We agree.

With his touching delivery of 'Hallelujah,' Josh Krajcik likely earned his spot in the finals. We'll find out tomorrow night.