Sex, hugs, rock and roll? Yeah, that's 'Love in America' -- because drugs are illegal, kids. JTX makes us feel good with this happy-charged single about falling in love in the States.

"Hey kids here we go / Heavy metal, disco / Put your hands up / This is love in America / Malibu to Broadway / Dance away the heartache / Pull her with a kiss / This is love in America," the lead singer echoes enthusiatically in the poptastic chorus.

While the riff a bit like Pink's 'Raise Your Glass,' 'Love in America' is pretty much a testosterone-pumped version of Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night.' A bread-and-butter anthem, if you will.

Go on and fill your cup up, 'cause JTX is about to make your dreams come true! This song is bursting at the seams with youth and positivity, and reminds us of something Kesha would spin. If only there were glitter! Mix in a guy's voice instead of the party queen and we're sold ... Cheap.

Sure, this song is a bit cheesy, but isn't love mozzarella-stacked anyhow? We can't get enough!

Listen to JTX 'Love in America'