Intensity, the 10-member group cobbled together by the 'X Factor' judges due to the fact that the powers-that-be appreciated their talent but didn't think they "worked" as solo acts during the audition rounds, were the first act to be eliminated from the heated competition. While America cast votes on their favorites, like 'American Idol,' it was the judges who decided who stayed and who went, courtesy of a head-to-head "perform off," where the artists with the lowest scores got one last chance to prove they have what it takes, unlike 'American Idol.'

The judges spoke to the Hollywood Reporter after Intensity's dismissal, to shed a little light on the Top 11, and why Intensity didn't make it any further.

"It's very difficult to connect with 10 people, compared to one person," Simon Cowell mused about the group's ouster. That said, groups aren't disadvantaged in this competition. "But don't rule out Lakoda Rayne," he offered. "In my opinion, these girls have got something special. Like L.A. said, if they walked into my record label, four girls with that talent and said, 'We want to be Taylor Swift,' I'd sign them on the spot. Amazing."

The show's resident cry baby Stacy Francis was offended that Cowell considered her more of a gospel singer than a pop singer. Cowell commented on his relationship with Francis, saying, "We never said that you couldn't have had a career in the past. It's absurd. Many competitions I've done, they've had record deals, tried musicals, they never hid it from us … I think this typifies her story. Where she's always said, 'Somebody was always standing in my way saying you're not good enough.' It's happened all of her life."

Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger also corrected the widely circulating story that contestant Dexter Haygood asked to be eliminated last week. Cowell deemed the story "absolute nonsense," which Scherzinger, his mentor, said, "It's simply not the case, but I'm a big fan of Dexter's and I always will be." How gracious, diplomatic and politically correct of her!