Julia Bullock auditioned on tonight's (Sept. 20) episode of 'X Factor' in North Carolina. She kicked her band to the curb on site in favor of going it alone, since her band isn't a vocal group. She ended up singing Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks' and winning the hearts of the judges, while getting the stink eye from Christian, one of her bandmates (make that soon-to-be-ex-bandmates if they have any guts) who just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend. What a tangled web Bullock weaves. 

Bullock, 18, had Skrillex hair and a shock of platinum blonde locks. She had an edgy, sexy style, one that matched the rock star in her DNA.

She was looking out for No. 1 by ditching her bandmates, and we can't say we blame her, especially with the sultry rendition of 'Pumped Up Kicks' that she delivered.

Simon Cowell liked her because she was very current with both her look and her sound, while Brit Brit pointed out that there is a marketplace that is "so wide for you," thanks to her unique sound. Bullock is exactly what L.A. Reid is looking for as well.

So she got four approvals for boot camp and we'll be seeing her again. And if Julia Bullock doesn't win 'X Factor,' she might have a bit of groveling to do with Christian and the dudes who are probably her now-former bandmates!