Adam Levine gave 'The Voice' singer Juliet Simms a great compliment after she finished singing 'Roxanne' by the Police: the Maroon 5 singer turned to Cee Lo Green and told him he hates him. During the blind auditions, Green beat out the other coaches for Simms' talents, which were on full display Monday night.

"You're the best performance I've seen so far," Levine say begrudgingly. "As much as I hate having to admit that." The rocker's team was also auditioning for America's votes during Monday's two-hour live broadcast. The other judges agreed.

"Your voice is dope!" Christina Aguilera said with more enthusiasm than she'd shown all night. Simms began the song almost a capella, and continued to take an original approach to the Sting-sung classic. By the end she had shimmied to the catwalk, pouring every ounce of energy she could conjure into the hit's signature lyrics.

"You don't have to put on the red light!" she shouted over and over and over again.

When host Carson Daly turned to Green, the well-dressed coach -- no wig nor gimmicks tonight -- could only muster a silly grin and giggle, like he was playing poker with a hand full of aces. "You don't need no smoke, no mirrors, no nothing. All you need is that voice," Green said. As for the other judges jealousy, he paid them no mind.

"You're well-endowed with too much talent to not have great taste."

Watch Juliet Simms Perform 'Roxanne' on 'The Voice'