Kim Junsu aka Junsu aka Xiah (or Xia) of JYJ is the special edition cover boy for the July issue of Korea's Marie Claire. We love when a dude covers a fashion mag!

He has a smoldering stare that makes the ladies melt.

Check out that gaze and those pouty lips. Swoon!

Junsu, who is posed above a cover tag that screams "HE'S BACK," is quite the well-dressed and charming gentleman on this classy cover. We love how his hands are jammed into his pockets. He exudes an effortless cool.

In the feature, the former TVXQ member discussed his future and how the last decade has been critical for his development as both a person and an artist.

"The past 10 years of experiences will guide me through my life in my 30s and 40s," he said, revealing a level head on those handsome shoulders. "I want to continue my singing career and make trendy music in future as well. And even if time passes, my friendship with the other JYJ members will never change."

Looking good, Junsu! You stay classy.