Want more Katy Perry in your video game life? Well, Best Buy is going to make sure of it, as the retail giant's exclusive edition of the 'Just Dance 3' game will feature two bonus tracks from Perry's megawatt hit 'Teenage Dream' album. The Best Buy edition will include both 'Teenage Dream' and 'E.T' so you can shake it like a Polaroid picture in your living room or wherever it is you play full-body, simulator-style video games.

Go here to pre-order this special edition of what is dubbed America's favorite dance game for the Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation Move and Wii gaming systems. It's a full-body dance experience, and you know you want to shake your booty to both of these Perry hits. It's just two more ways for your to get down!

So don't ever look back, don't ever look back, in your skintight jeans, while you k-k-k-kiss me with your supernatural self. We know, we just mashed up 'Teenage Dream' and 'E.T.' because this news got us so excited we just want to dance and sing like we are co-starring in a Perry video.

'Just Dance 3' is out Oct. 11, so mark your calendars.