Justin Bieber escorting boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. into the ring in Las Vegas on Saturday night (May 5) was a savvy publicity move on the figher's part. Yet The Biebs continues to rack up press for the appearance. The latest news? He rocked a $20,000 piece of bling around his neck when hanging with Mayweather's crew.

In the photo above, you can see The Biebs wearing a huge (or "yuge" as they'd say in mafia speak) golden, diamond-encrusted koi fish necklace that cost about 20,000 bills, according to TMZ. Hey, it may have been mega pricey, but at least it was just a necklace, since so many people get koi fish tattooed on them. We're glad the 'Boyfriend' singer didn't go that route, instead choosing to rock the symbol as an accessory and not as ink.

The Biebs' bling reportedly boasted 14 carats of VVS diamonds all over. We're not sure what VVS diamonds are, exactly, other than it has something to do with the clarity of the gem. VVS rocks are supposedly cooler than regular ol' non-VVS diamonds. The chain is laced with 12 karats of diamonds, too.

We like the teen's foresight to wear something so blinged out when in the company of his new friends. He's got a rep to protect.

Whether The Biebs bought the necklace for himself or if it was a gift is undetermined. We're also wondering how much bling is incorporated into those belts he's carrying for the champ! Seriously.

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