Watch out, world! Justin Bieber's 3-year-old sister, Jazmyn, is making her presence known to the universe, beginning with her very own Twitter account.

While little Jaz, as Justin lovingly calls her, may not know more than her ABCs, she's getting in on the social media game early. After all, what else is the younger sister of the biggest Internet sensation in the past five years supposed to do?

On Tuesday, Justin made the announcement on Jaz's foray into the Twitterverse by tweeting: "Follow @jazzykbiebz my Lil sister and watch for her first tweet." In just two days the tiny tot has amassed over 120,000 followers, but still no sign of that initial message (we're sure it's going to be epic!).

The best part about Jaz's Twitter page is her bio, which reads: "I am older sister to Jaxon and younger sister to Justin. But more importantly I am me!" You go, girl!

We can't wait to find out what kind of wisdom Jaz will be dropping with her tweets. We're hoping for artful photos of Justin from a pint-size perspective and tantalizing details of her big bro's life using limited vocab, as well as 140-character ruminations on apple versus orange juice.