With 'Boyfriend' a certified smash, Justin Bieber remains at work on the rest of his album, 'Believe.' The teen issued a tweet yesterday (April 3), acknowledging that he will use his upcoming music to address the past and the rumors. Apparently, The Biebs will let it all hang out on record. But exactly what topics will he address?

According to Billboard, the tweet from the studio read: "Here making music addressing the past and the rumors, clearing it all up in the music. I'm putting it all out there on this album."

It sounds like we're in for the most honest Biebs' effort to date. But what rumors will he tackle? The drama that befell him last fall when Mariah Yeater accused him of fathering her son? We're surprised we even remembered her name, since the details of her drama and duplicity have been expunged from the memory of the Bieber faithful.

Will he tackle the many rumors about gal pal Selena Gomez, such as the pervasive one that they are getting married? Could be. He hasn't been dogged by too much tabloid nonsense, instead serving as a target for haters.

It's anyone's guess what topics The Biebs will come clean about. We just know we'll be listening to every lyric and note when 'Believe' finally lands. It's expected this summer.