The whole world is seemingly falling in love with Meghan Trainor's catchy tune, 'All About That Bass,' and now even Justin Bieber is showing love for the summer hit.

Earlier today, Saturday, on Instagram, Bieber posted two videos of himself singing and dancing to Trainor's breakout song, as he makes his way on an outdoor trail under the scorching sun outside. The videos show him breaking a sweat outside without a shirt, and with his shorts barely hanging on to his waist.

Borrowing a line from the song for his caption "Bass no treble remix?", the 20-year-old pop star seemed to be enjoying himself as he enthusiastically moves to the beat. Bieber's show of support for 'All About That Bass' may very well help propel the song to the No. 1 spot on charts, much like how Bieber's influence over Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' helped make it one of the most unforgettable songs of the 2010s.

But the song already has legs of its own. Earlier this week, two music groups - Home Free and RaeLynn - provided PopCrush with their own covers of the song, showing that the upbeat, fun track is already on the minds of people without any signs of slowing down.

'The Voice' Star RaeLynn Covers 'All About That Bass'