Dear Santa, this Christmas, please don't bring Justin Bieber a new Xbox, any money from the sale of his new album or even a sick new Batman car. As he outlines in his latest holiday melody, 'All I Want Is You,' the Biebs' want list consists of just one thing: his favorite girl.

Unfortunately, it seems that Bieber made the naughty list this year after wronging his lady friend. "I'm sorry if I pushed you away / 'Cause I need you here and I want for you to know," he sings sourly, before leading into a bell-backed chorus: "And I don't care if I don't get anything / All I need is you here right now / And I'm sorry if I hurt you / But I know that all I want is you this Christmas, this Christmas, this Christmas."

We can just picture The Biebs sad and heartbroken, shivering in front of a flameless fireplace with shattered ornaments all around and only yellow snow outside ... Spending Christmas all alone. Or not.

No one likes to spend the holidays by their lonesome, but we can't imagine that Justin Bieber -- who is loved by just about every girl across the globe with half a pulse -- would ever be left out in the cold. We give Bieber an 'A' for creativity, as a break-up holiday ditty will likely resonate with many, but he gets an 'F' for spoiling the chocolate milk.

We prefer our Christmas tunes to be happy, and while realistic, 'All I Want Is You' is just depressing. 'Tis the season, Biebs! Get with it.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'All I Want Is You'