Don't text and drive, kids, or you might accidentally run over Justin Bieber. That's the message (sort of) in a new public service announcement for PhoneGuard, an app that disables your cell phone keyboard so you can't send texts while driving.

The ad opens with Bieber's voice over a shot of teen girls laughing and fiddling with their phones as they drive down the road. The teen star informs us that drivers are four times more likely to get into a car accident while texting and driving.

Just then, the car slams on its brakes as Bieber walks in front of it. The teen star scolds the ladies in a friendly way by suggesting they download the PhoneGuard app, but they don't hear most of what he says because they can't stop screaming.

"Drive Safe disables the keyboard once you've reached ten miles and hour so you can't text and drive," Bieber explains. Cool! But wouldn't that also disable the keyboards of any passengers in the vehicle who have the app installed? In any case, Bieber deserves credit for addressing this issue. Texting and driving has caused serious accidents, and many states have made the practice illegal. Hopefully his fan base will take notice and think twice about texting behind the wheel.

Watch the Justin Bieber Anti-Texting Public Service Announcement