Justin Bieber revealed a key piece of information about his show at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City earlier this week, where he caused the power to blow. It involves Michael Jackson. The Biebs was quite revelatory in his June 21 chat with NYC radio personality Elvis Duran of Z100 about this and other topics, like romance and, well, farting.

The fact that the Biebs broke the Apollo is a sure sign of his power. He revealed that he had planned to do a free outdoor show in NYC's Times Square, but given the fact that the earth stops spinning on its axis and major cities are crippled and immobilized by the mobbing Beliebers when their hero is in town, officials denied the permits. So he took it to the Apollo because he wanted to perform at a place where the King of Pop also brought his musical magic.

"The Apollo was the first place where Michael felt he got his start," Biebs said. "That's what I heard, at least. They drove down as a family and his dad said if you can make it at the Apollo, you can make it anywhere." True dat.

The Biebs also spoke about the fact that he gets to travel and see the world, which is so much better than being in school and learning that stuff the old fashioned way. He gets to see, sniff and touch pieces of history, so to speak, making his education and citizenship of the world special. He also alluded to the fact that he can't concentrate in classroom settings; he wasn't advocating kids dropping out of school, at all!

When it was mentioned that the Biebs is a hardcore romantic when it comes to gal pal Selena Gomez, he said that is not a lesson learned and it's not like he is not taking swag courses to do right by his gal. It's innate. "It's about treating your lady right," he said. Swooooon.

There is one hilarious part of the interview, where the hosts asked Beliebers how they think they'd react if they were hanging with Bieber and he blew a fart out of nowhere. The Beliebers said it would be cute and that they'd inhale it.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. There is no such thing as a cute fart and even if it did come from The Biebs digestive system, it would not be worthy of inhaling.

Such a dedicated bunch, those Beliebers.

The Biebs also met up and comer Austin Mahone, who is following the same career path. Check out the photos of those hearthrobs below.

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