So, Ariana Grande's forthcoming single has finally come into focus, but does she have her sights set on a new collaboration, too?

Earlier today (October 14), Justin Bieber tweeted a reminder to fans that they can pre-order his forthcoming album, Purpose, starting on Friday, October 16. But the message had an addendum directed squarely at the "One Last Time" singer, and it's officially got us scratching our heads.

"Ok by you, @ArianaGrande?" Bieber wrote cryptically with a "#remix" hashtag. And Grande's response, "what do you mean?" might seem confused, were it not for Biebs' current, eponymous single, which just so happens to be his first Billboard No. 1 hit on the Hot 100 ever. Very curious. Very, very curious.

Now, we're forced to echo Grande's sentiment—what does this all mean? Will she be featured on a potential new remix of the track? Does the album boast a separate duet to which we still haven't been introduced? Does she genuinely have no idea what the man is talking about, and is she—at this very moment—considering muting him from her feed?

Would you want to hear Justin and Ariana lay down a track together, especially on a "What Do You Mean?" remix? Share your thoughts on a potential merging of the pop titans.

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