Mere days after it was announced that the generous teenage dream Justin Bieber had made a hefty $10,000 donation to the Ontario food bank, The Biebs has contributed again to the Stratford-based pantry to help with its mission to support the needy through the holiday season.

According to CTV News, Access Hollywood host Billy Bush offered to donate $5,000 to the 'U Smile' singer's charity of choice with one stipulation. The Biebs had to ask that his nearly 14 million Twitter followers start to follow Bush's tweets, as well. So on top of the 10 grand The Biebs already forked over, another five grand has been donated to the House of Blessing food bank, which serves around 5,000 locals per year.

"It's really exciting to hear Justin's thinking of Stratford again," said operations coordinator Laura Davies. The Biebs may have be the biggest teen pop star on the planet, but his Ontario homeland is always close to his heart and his wallet. With this combined donation, the House of Blessing will be able to feed the hungry deep into the holidays, a season that is hard on the less fortunate as well as the organizations that work with them.

The Biebs is setting the gold standard for generosity. He made the day of a bunch of sick kids in the hospital earlier this week by paying a surprise visit where he sang with them.

Most celebs and pop stars engage in a round of TV and magazine interviews to promote that they have a new album coming out. The Biebs, however, garners publicity for his new album by doing kind deeds and helping others.

His first holiday set 'Under the Mistletoe' drops Nov. 1.