Justin Bieber got leathered up on perform his latest smash 'As Long as You Love Me' on tonight's (Sept. 25) results episode of 'Dancing With the Stars.' He was dressed head to toe in black leather, but it wasn't quite as dominatrix as that description might sound. He wore a leather vest, leather tunic and leather trousers. Yes, a lot of cowhide, but he looked good and was styled appropriately, because that could have been a big ol' mess.

It was certainly a different performance of the song. For one thing, it was truncated, as the Big Sean rap part was cut altogether, as opposed to performed by the Biebs or improvised.

It also felt lip synced, since the teen's vocals were a bit off. That's not uncommon, nor is it a criticism, so ease up, Beliebers. We're not blaspheming your boy, since he's our boy, too! The song's choreography is intense, and since we already know the lyrics and how it sounds, we're more interested in the dancing that accompanies it -- especially because it's a dancing show!

Most importantly, though, is the fact that this is one of the first times the Biebs has truly looked like an adult and a man. We've been saying that he is a man -- at least in theory -- since he turned 18 in back in March, but once he tossed off the vest, mid-routine, he looked it.

The perf ended with an aerial view of a heart on the stage, which was another cool, unexpected touch.

No disrespect to the competitors, especially since this is an all-star season of 'DWTS,' but the biggest star doing any dancing on that stage was the J to the B.