Justin Bieber is beaten… again! Months after his Complex cover, which saw him and his pretty face beaten until he was battered, bruised and bloodied, he battles with his girlfriend's protective papa in his "mini movie" for 'As Long As You Love Me.' Here, we meet Justin Bieber, the serious actor.

The video is quite the exercise in tension. The opening minute is tense dialogue between himself and intimidating actor Michael Madsen; this scene was previewed last week. It sets the stage for The Biebs and his lady love, who happens to be Madsen's little girl, to escape. They want to be together and nothing, not even a disapproving dad, will stop them.

The vid is a quintessential "love on the run" video, complete with lots of kissing and romance. There's also plenty of The Biebs busting moves and showing off that swaggy choreography. While you've seen this plot before in many big screen teen romances, The Biebs takes it up a notch as escalating tensions boil over between himself and Madsen.

The Biebs and the object of his affection are typical teens in love. They write messages on one other's arms ('You're so sexy'), nuzzle and snuggle and hit the road in a sweet muscle car. None of this sits well with pops, who opposes the relationship. We are not sure why he is so adamantly against The Biebs other than just 'cuz. Then again, there's always obstacles to teens in love, like parents who want their kids to remain just that: kids.

Biebs is bloodied again when Dad catches them and tries to wrest her away and gain control of her. Fists fly and Bieber is left in a heap while Madsen pulls his daughter away. It's pretty violent for a Biebs video, and it might leave the youngest Beliebers a bit shaken, but the point is well taken. Love hurts.

This is the most mature video we've seen from the teen, and he demonstrates impressive serious acting chops when he stands up to the hulking mass of a man that is Madsen. The cinematography is also stunning, as it feels like a movie, not a video trying to be a movie.