Well, we all knew it would happen one day. Justin Bieber was taken down this morning at Macy's in New York City, but it wasn't by one of his screaming, hyperventilating, wild fanatics. It was by an overweight grown man, who just happens to be an undercover police officer.

Bieber visited the store in Manhattan's Herald Square this morning on a series of promotional stops for the launch of his new fragrance, 'Someday.' While meeting with fans outside the store (which deviated from the original security plan that was laid out), surrounded by his usual crowd of screaming pre-teen girls, Bieber was knocked to the ground when an undercover cop jumped the barricades.

According to a report from TMZ, the man was an N.Y.P.D. officer who felt he needed to help Bieber when the pop singer went outside to greet his fans. The cop felt the fans were getting out of control, and he, dressed in street clothes, rushed to Bieber's side. Bieber mistook the man for a crazed fan, and his security personnel as well as city cops quickly took the man down.

FOX is reporting that Bieber sustained minor injuries, but other outlets are mostly saying that the heartthrob was just a little shook by the sudden attack. "I saw that guy going around, but I didn't think anything about it, but all of a sudden he just jumped...Three guys were holding this guy back," one witness said to ABC. Apparently, the situation has been smoothed over, and neither the police officer or Bieber are pressing charges.

Even though this whole thing was pretty much one giant misunderstanding, we hope Bieber has learned to 'Never Say Never' when it comes to the demographics of unruly fans.

Watch a Video of Justin Bieber's Scuffle With an Undercover Cop Outside of Macy's