Throughout the length of his career, Justin Bieber's been forced to deal with all kinds of interviews, some more awkward than others.

He was a good sport about being interviewed by a puppet on The Diego Show -- where Justin admits to someday wanting kids, because he wants "to see little versions of himself," scrunches up his face in a terrible Robert De Niro impersonation, and even cracks a few jokes. But an interview with a Spanish radio station proved to be too much.

After bombarding Justin with largely inoffensive questions like "Do you dress yourself?"  —which he incorrectly interpreted to mean "Is there a woman in your life?" — the hosts asked if Justin would be willing to try and break the Internet by appearing alongside some popular European YouTubers in a video.

Justin says, "Let's do it," which often indicates a willingness to comply, but then he suddenly switches gears, successfully (and unintentionally) recreating that iconic moment from his deposition video where he stormed off after being asked invasive questions about Selena Gomez. According to text at the end of the video, Justin walked out and never returned.

There's still no word as to what prompted Justin to leave without so much as an explanation, but many people are speculating that he either felt uncomfortable with the line of questioning or that something was lost in translation. Considering the light-hearted nature of the interview, we assume it's the latter.

Check out both interviews above.

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