The Bieber baby saga will never end. Like ever. Even though Justin Bieber willingly submitted to a paternity test earlier this week, that wasn't good enough for Mariah Yeater, the woman who is accusing him of fathering her young son. Her new legal team has asked the singer to take another test.

Another test? Is this really necessary? Hasn't The Biebs suffered enough? Yes, he has. His good name has been dragged through the mud. But Yeater's lawyers want a second test to prove that it is The Biebs who actually provides the DNA sample and that he isn't cheating on his, uh, test. Ridiculous, right?

According to E! Online, Jeffrey Leving, who legally represents Yeater, said that he and his team are requesting a second test be taken in front of one of her attorneys so that they can be sure the sample was actually taken from The Biebs.

"We have been negotiating a DNA test," Leving said. "We just received communication from Justin Bieber's lawyer today concerning our discussions, which are private. We are trying to set up a DNA test—to test the mother and the child and to retest Justin Bieber. Because we have to make sure the chain of custody is properly supervised." Private? Speaking to national media outlets isn't exactly a private way of handling this matter. Just sayin'.

Leving said that he didn't even know the teen idol, who has denied ever meeting Yeater much less getting busy with her in a Staples Center bathroom, was taking the test until he read about it in the press.

Leving said, "I don't know if it was even his DNA. Evidence has to be properly supervised to make sure it is not corrupted. What I am hoping is to get DNA testing done for everybody and to have it done in a supervised setting."

Leving said he wants to try and resolve the matter successfully outside of the courts but will "go there" if he has to.

The Biebs appeared on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' this week and this pesky topic came up, with Letterman telling the singer that this whole ordeal made him see red.

"You saw red? You were angry?" The Biebs asked in response to Letterman's statements. The late night host said, "I could smell a weasel," to which The Biebs replied, " I know it's pretty crazy, people make up false accusations … I'm 17. It's going to happen, being in the spotlight."

The Biebs also revealed that his mouth was swabbed for the test.


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