Justin Bieber offers up "Justin Bieber Videos 101" in four short commentary clips.

He talks about his bazillion times viewed videos in a new Vevo 'Certified' series celebrating his 100 million looks. He breaks down the swag that he injected into the vids for 'One Time,' 'Baby' and 'Somebody to Love.'

He looks like a young James Dean with his pushed back hair, which is a stark contrast to the Bieber bangs of the 'Baby' video. When watching the Biebs reflect on his earliest visuals, we are struck by how his career trajectory truly mimics that of Michael Jackson.

In the first clip, the teen talks about how is he is "super involved" with all the concepts of his videos. He admits that he's not yet fully comfortable in front of the camera, but "it goes with what I do." He also says that the 'Boyfriend' video is cool, since "it has such different aspects. We wanted to do something different and classic with muscle cars and jean jackets, like James Dean." He also shared that it's his choreographer Jamaica who gives him moves that "are so swaggy."

Swag. Swag. Swag.

As for the 'Baby' video, which is the most viewed of his vids (and of all vids online!), he talks about how he filmed while on a spinning platform in center of City Walk. "It was cool but made me dizzy," he recalled. He also says that the bowling alley scenes were meant to convey being young and having fun, in addition to being an activity he takes part in in his spare time.

When breaking down the story of 'One Time,' his first-ever music video, which features his real life BFF Ryan Butler,t he Biebs confesses that he was nervous since it was his first time dancing in a video. It was nerve-wracking but he had to "push through it to find my swagginess."

Biebs, have you patented this term yet?

Regarding 'Somebody to Love,' he reveals that his mother Pattie Mallette was nervous about "all the hands on me." But he chalked it up to having swag, or at least the last letter of the word. "I'm a G, so I had to have those hands on me." Oh, how this child is growing up before our eyes. A "G'," huh? Love it, Biebs.

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