Justin Bieber makes having a 'Bad Day' sound good, despite the inherent pain in the song.

The singer's latest #MusicMondays track 'Bad Day' runs less than three minutes in length but it's not an afterthought despite being so compact. Yes, the track tackles the same topic of all the other #MM tracks and that's a romance gone wrong.

We're starting to feel like #MusicMondays are #BiebsTherapySeshes. And that's quite alright.

Backed by a simple acoustic guitar with some tropical flavor, The Biebs sings in his rich, croony, R&B voice. But he also attempts the highest falsetto of his career, which translates his pain.

Since the song is soooooo short, it feels like it could be a bridge to something else – perhaps to songs about "getting over her." This track is the fifth of 10, so if there is some sort of self-discovery going on, we can expect further elucidation down the road.

But back to 'Bad Day.' The song also feels like The Biebs is gathering his thoughts and setting them to sing. Despite it shortness, the song is full and finished, since a lot of emotion is packed into these two-and-a-half minutes. If it had been any longer, it may have been too much, so it was smartly edited down.

The 'Bad Day' he sings of is the one when his GF walks out…for good, without hesitation. The Biebs totally had the rug yanked out from under him. Again, we can assume that this is about Selena Gomez, his one great love so far. When he laments, "You took away the biggest part of me / Life is so unpredictable / Never thought a love like yours would leave me all alone," you get the sense that he never saw it coming.

The fade out, as he slowly drifts away, tugs at the heartstrings, too.

If all the #MusicMondays song were collected for an album, it's be called 'Justin Bieber's Broken Heart.'

The Biebs himself offered a bit of insight into the song, posting:

There are times in relationships where things aren't going well, where you know something isn't right. But when you're in love, you feel like no matter what, you'll make it work...until the day comes where the other person doesn't feel the same way and walks out. That day - the day where everything you were willing to fight for is gone - is what Bad Day is all about. –JB

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