Beliebers might freak the hell out once they have a look at the images of their hero Justin Bieber in the Free Bieber campaign designed by the free-speech and fair-use advocacy group Fight For the Future.

The campaign alleges that The Biebs could face up to five years in prison due to a proposed new bill that ups the punishment for streaming copyrighted material on the Internet! The Biebs is a web-created superstar who shot to fame on the back of his YouTube videos where he sang R&B songs. He caught Usher's attention, signed to Island Def Jam and is now the biggest teen pop star in the world. However, those R&B songs he was covering online? Um, yeah, that constitutes copyrighted material.

It all makes sense now, right? The Biebs could get five years in the slammer for singing a popular song? The web has made it possible for people to get creative, but copyright laws do exist for a reason and that's to protect intellectual property. It appears that the appropriate thing to do would be to amend copyright laws in relation to the web so that the owner of the copyright benefits, but so that that user of the material isn't tossed into the big house, either. There has to be some middle ground here that doesn't include nearly a half-dozen years in prison.

Fight For the Future is certainly employing shocking and inflammatory imagery, some of it fan-created, of the Biebs as an inmate. He's wearing an orange jumpsuit, has teardrop tattoos and is gripping the bars in a cell and it does get the message across that this possible punishment doesn't fit the "crime." They are saying that Congress likens creativity to a cyber crime and therein lies the disconnect.

"Tell Congress to get a clue and stop trying to jail people for singing," the group posted, encouraging folks to sign its online petition. "Congress has no business making ordinary Internet users criminals for expressing themselves online."

The funniest photo on the site is the one of Biebs counting off years and with GF Selena Gomez's name written on the wall.

Free The Biebs really means free yourself. This campaign is effectively utilizing a famous pop star to drive home the point that this piece of legislation that could effect us all.