Even if the snow isn't falling where you are, you can get in the spirit of the holidays right now, thanks to Justin Bieber. The 17-year-old snow-covered heartthrob just dropped a behind-the-scenes peek at the music video for his forthcoming Christmas single, 'Misletoe.'

In this clip, you can see behind the red tape of the shoot in Franklin, Tenn. where the 'snow' was falling and the girls were screaming in the streets while the Biebs pretended to keep warm. From what we can tell, this video has all of the essentials: A snowy outdoor mall, Christmas trees, glistening lights, sweet Biebs in warm clothes and hot chocolate for him and his video love interest. In the words of Biebs, "Who doesn't love hot chocolate?"

The pair share Eskimo and real kisses, as well as slow dances, but be forewarned that the mock love is not Selena Gomez. At the end of the video, following their shopping and dancing escapade, Biebs and his girl hop into a Porsche Speedster and drive away.

At one point in the clip, Bieber climbs up a ladder to wave to the sea of fans who are watching the filming, exposing his underwear in full camera view. Ever the show-off, the 'Baby' singer the grabbed a cop car megaphone and enticed his fans to a singalong of 'Jingle Bells,' despite the fact that many of the young girls were wearing short sleeves in the Tennessee fall air.

The 'Misletoe' vid was directed by the same guy who masterminded the 'One Less Lonely Girl' video, Roman White, and the Biebs thinks the song will be one for fans to cherish years and years to come. "It's really catchy, I know all my fans are gonna love it," he says. "It's something that I feel like they're going to be singing every Christmas."

Justin's new Christmas single, 'Misletoe,' is out on Oct. 17.

Watch the 'Misletoe' Behind-the-Scenes Video