Justin Bieber may not always love attention on himself 24/7 from strangers, but make no mistake: the boy sure does love his Beliebers. The 'Boyfriend' singer showed his appreciation for his loyal fans in a big way this week.

E! Online reports that during Bieber's stay in New York City for his Believe tour, he managed to avoid huge crowds of fans outside of his hotel once he discovered a secret entrance that allowed him to slip in and out of building virtually unnoticed -- which is virtually unheard of for the megastar. And where has he been going using his top secret route? No, not some shady, boozy nightclub -- he's heading to Starbucks!

Still, he's showing his love to Beliebers despite not necessarily wanting to be stopped on his coffee runs. When a large throng of fans crowded his hotel's entrance, he sent for pizzas to be delivered to them while they waited for a glimpse of the boy wonder. Aww!

The news comes hot on the heels of accusations of Bieber spitting on Beliebers from a balcony -- something his rep adamantly denied, despite photos of the alleged incident going viral -- with the mouthpiece adding that Bieber bought his fans hot chocolate instead of hocking saliva at them.

Biebs was also spotted serenading waiting crowds on Tuesday night (July 30) and shaking hands and giving hugs to those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. He's a lover, not a spitter!