Three more tracks from Justin Bieber's 'Believe,' which lands next Tuesday, June 19, have dropped online for your listening enjoyment. Today's installments are 'Take You' and 'Fall' and 'Thought of You.' We're breaking 'em down for you, since we're good like that.

'Take You' is a slow, falsetto-driven jam, with R&B undertones, paying homage to Michael Jackson, with a little Justin Timberlake thrown in for good measure.

It's clear from what we've heard that The Biebs has fully realized his desire to pick up where the King of Pop left off. Right now, with a track like 'Take You,' which begs to be danced to, JB is the Prince, and he is about to ascend the throne. He is pop royalty.

'Fall' is a bit more contemplative and not dance-oriented at all. It's a big, epic, ballad that will have the Beliebers swaying back and forth at his shows and in their bedrooms when they sing along. The Biebs promises to "catch you if you fall" in the tune's sugary sweet harmony.

The Diplo-produced 'Thought of You' has a bit of a world music flavor -- it's very subtle -- and is backloaded with percussion that thumps through the entire song, as well as layered harmonies. It's the most rhythmic of what we've heard so far.

We've heard most of the 'Believe' tracks and there is a real, tangible level of maturation to these tunes. It's been quite thrilling to listen to The Biebs' evolution. The album appears to be a mixed bag of styles and tempos, all unified by J to the B's swag, swag, swag.

We wanna know what you think PopCrush Beliebers. Which is your favorite 'Believe' song so far and of these two?

Listen to Justin Bieber 'Take You'

Listen to Justin Bieber 'Fall'

Listen to Justin Bieber 'Thought of You'