Justin Bieber is opening up his Believe tour to aspiring dancers. His team and choreography crew are holding auditions, both in person and online, for those who think they have the skills to earn a slot as a dancer on one of the biggest tours of 2012. They've shared some footage from the in-person auditions and offered some tips for those thinking of entering online.

Jon M. Chu is directing the Believe tour and he is also in charge of the dance auditions. He shared this video providing even more details about the live audition process and what aspirants need to do in order to submit.

In this video, we see The Biebs watching prospective dancers, with a huge smile on his face. He is well aware that his upcoming tour is the you-know-what and he is seeing plenty of talent that could help elevate his dance troupe.

Almost 1000 dancers came out in one day to audition. Chu says that they are looking for the best dancers so they can take it to a whole other level. He also teased the upcoming tour, saying, "We are creating a huge, crazy show. We want to make you proud and make you believe in magic."

He reveals that they chose to add an online component since The Biebs is of the digital generation and there is plenty of talent out there waiting to be unearthed.

The deadline for the online auditions is Aug. 17. Chu and his cohort also offered a key suggestion. If your style is contempo, do contempo. If you are into ballroom dancing, do ballroom dancing. Just be you when you submit the vid.

They also said something peculiar at the end. It's not a contest, since there is not necessarily a winner. They are quick to point out that they are merely using resources to see what's out there as they mine the web for talent. It sure feels like a contest and looks like a contest. Chances are they will find a qualified dancer, too. And that person will feel like a winner.