Who knew Justin Bieber was hiding a bikini bod beneath his purple hoodie and skinny jeans? Thanks to a little photoshop creativity from BuzzFeed, the Biebs is now rocking some lady-like curves in what they like to call Bieberkinis.

In the ultra artistic -- and now ultra viral -- set of photos, different Bieber heads are plastered onto different womens' bikini bodies. There's the seductive Bieber, as seen above in a red and white striped top, as well as a wet Bieber, a snow bunny Bieber, a belly button ring Bieber and even a pregnant Bieber (which really freaks us out).

While we know that Biebs is likely harvesting a pair of six pack abs rather than a set of volumptious breasts, it's still hilarious to see him rocking a sexy female figure. We hope that even the biggest Beliebers can get a laugh out of this, because it's all in good fun.