Blunts and Ferraris remain a part of Justin Bieber news.

The singer and his wheels seem to be in near-constant trouble and garnering negative publicity lately. Apparently, more photos of the singer with a blunt are being shopped and the white Ferrari was pulled over yet again.

In the photos, The Biebs and a friend named Lil Za are reportedly seen passing a blunt back and forth outside of Los Angeles residency, according to TMZ. The photos were said to be taken on Thursday, Jan. 31.

And a day after it was revealed that the Four Seasons Hotel would be picking up the tab for the nearly 10 grand in damage that Bieber's pal Lil Twist caused to the white Ferrari he was driving, cops pulled the vehicle over. Lil Za was said to be driving the ride without a license this morning (Feb. 1).

So first it was Biebs and Lil Twist with blunts and causing trouble in the Ferrari. Now, it's The Biebs and Lil Za. Maybe he needs to rethink his friendships with people name Lil right now because they are causing him nothing but trouble.

E! confirmed that The Biebs was not behind-the-wheel. A woman was in the passenger's seat. The car was pulled over at around 12:30AM on Sunset Blvd., where the driver, which TMZ claims was Za, was cited. A man arrived in an SUV, parked at a gas station and picked up the Ferrari and the occupants.

Biebs, Biebs, Biebs, this stuff stains you. Stop hanging with people who can't or shouldn't be driving your ride.

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