With his girlfriend Selena Gomez playing against type and shedding her good  girl image with her much publicized role in the upcoming flick 'Spring Breakers,' it's no shock that the Justin Bieber might do the same and star in the film adaptation of 'The Book of Mormon.' It would be a total change of pace for him, that's for sure.

As of now, 'The Book of Mormon' is a massively successful, sold-out Broadway show that just made its way across the country to open to packed houses in Los Angeles. A movie adaptation is essentially a foregone conclusion at this point, although nothing has been set in stone. Or make that 'Stone.'

ScreenCrush reports that creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker -- yes, the guys who created 'South Park' -- have their eye on The Biebs playing the part when they eventually (as in not any time soon) turn the show into a film.

Stone and Parker spoke to press in Los Angeles and when asked about their dream "actor" to play the lead role of Elder Price, Parker did not hesitate to offer up The Biebs' name!

The Biebs has expressed his interest in acting and there is that long-gestating Mark Wahlberg basketball movie, so this isn't as odd as one might think.

Would you see 'The Book of Mormon' with The Biebs, PopCrushers and Beliebers? Of course you would. He did show off some acting chops in his 'As Long as You Love Me' vid, remember?

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