Even though Justin Bieber only recently made headlines with his Jesus-on-the-back-of-the-calf tattoo, the teen is already pondering his fourth piece of ink. He's starting to amass a collection of skin art and he's not even 18 yet. (That'll change this Thursday, March 1, which is the singer's bday.)

Hollywood Life reports that the Biebs wants to get a tattoo on this inside of his bottom lip. A source at Menchies Frozen Yogurt in Calabasas, Calif. told the news outlet that Bieber and his bodyguard visited the establishment for a sweet treat on Feb. 23 and when the singer noticed the insider's bottom lip tattoo, he was impressed. The source said, "Justin saw the tattoo inside my bottom lip and said he wanted to get one too. He thought it was pretty cool."

The source continued, "He said he has wanted to get one there for a while now, but he didn’t say what kind." The insider also shared that the Biebs enjoyed a strawberry banana fro yo and said he was "a really cool dude."

An inside bottom lip tattoo is obviously not readily visible, so if the Biebs does indeed get inked in that spot, we might never see it. One person who will? His lady love Selena Gomez!