Justin Bieber's amazing new single 'Boyfriend' landed today and The Biebs actually touched on everything we said in our review during his chat with Z100 DJ Elvis Duran. We'd just like to point out that we picked up what the Biebtastic one was putting down.

"We wanted to catch people's attention and I know everything has been uptempo -- and we wanted to slow it down a little bit and show people I can evolve," The Biebs said. He acknowledged that with his previous work, he was younger, his voice was higher and he appealed to a more teen-centric audience. Now, as he is getting older and his voice is changing and deepening, his appeal widens and his audience broadens. It's the perfect pop recipe for success.

The Biebs touched on his upcoming basketball film with Mark Wahlberg, saying that the script keeps going through revisions, since it's not good enough yet. He's a perfectionist, it'd seem. He also shared that movies have always been a part of his professional desire, since he was in plays when he was younger.

What did he say about social media, the verse source that put him on the map? Well, obviously he's a huge fan of Twitter and Facebook and confirmed that he authors all of his tweets and doesn't have someone else posting for him, like many other celebs do. He is hands on with his thumbs on his iPhone, filling his Twitter feed directly.

As for the Beliebers? He loves you guys with all his heart! "That's who built me," he said. "That's who helped me be where I am and that's why I love them so much." Aw, how sweet. He also said he hates being chased by paparazzi, since it sometimes causes him to rush past fans as he tries to evade the paps and their flashbulbs. "[The fans] sometimes feel I left them but that wasn't the case. [Paparazzi] just ruin it and the fans don't get time. I would stop and take pictures but I can't when I have cameras flashing in my face."

Those are the trappings of fame that the singer's manager spoke about.

Check out the photo of the 'Boyfriend' cake that The Biebs was presented with.

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