Justin Bieber's brand new' Boyfriend' -- that sounds so wrong, doesn't it? -- is primed for a huge sales debut as well as a big radio bow by week's end.

The song, which dropped Monday (March 26) and represents a more mature sound where The Biebs raps and shows off a falsetto, is on track to sell at least 400,000 downloads by Sunday, April 1, according to Billboard. His previous high water mark in sales for digital downloads was 'Never Say Never,' which moved 199,000 downloads last March. Now, he is poised to enjoy his highest first week sales ever.

If the sales pick up even more, by the time things shake out, The Biebs could have the best sales week of the entire year for a single. He could very well top Katy Perry, whose 'Part of Me' moved 411,000 copies in its first week. Hear that, Beliebers? Can you do better than the KatyCats?

'Boyfriend' could also debut Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, which tracks a combo of radio airplay, sales and streaming data. The radio airplay is a key component of this formula and it appears to be as healthy as the sales. The song is already over 800 plays.

The Biebs has managed to be massively successful without the support of radio. He has never charted higher than 14 on the radio tallies with any of his songs and Top 40 radio has approached him with a measure of caution in the past. By all accounts, 'Boyfriend' could end that trend. This could be his first radio smash, one thing that his portfolio and resume are lacking. And we use that term "lacking" loosely, since The Biebs has amassed a dedicated fanbase, sold tons of records and achieved stratospheric fame using social media.

'Boyfriend' could be the pop music darling of 2012.

So say hello to falsetto in three two…