Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men -- or Biebz II Men, as we like to call them at PopCrush -- keep things incredibly simple in the black and white video for their holiday duet 'Fa La La.' The song itself hones in on the harmonies, so the accompanying video does exactly the same.

The Biebz and the Boyz sing about hearing melodiez when your heart beats, and they do so sitting on the brick staircase outside of a building. Front stoop singing? We like! It's so innocent and from another time and place. Overall, the 'Fa La La' video is not super Christmas-themed or festive, but that works in its favor. As we said before, it's all about the harmonies.

Justin Bieber goes off on his own here and there, singing in an empty room adorned with lights -- but for the most part, he and the Boyz II do their thing, which is massively catchy (and fun to sing along to) harmonizing.

We like this look The Biebz is pumping, too. The old-fashioned, pushed back pompadour with the white tee and black trousers is very '50s and suits him well.

The Biebz had tweeted a photo from the shoot when it took place and now Beliebers can enjoy the final product.

Watch the Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men 'Fa La La' Video