Behold the power of Biebs.

When Beliebers Katie, 15 and Penny, 17, came to ITV as part of their studio audience for a Justin Bieber performance, they were elated -- and then crushed. The producers told them their tickets were gone and that they had to leave. The girls were visibly distraught, sitting on a couch in a studio room sulking ... But not for long.

"These are two tickets I'm about to give to this girl," Bieber said, grinning at the camera, "but she doesn't know."

Bieber proceeded into the girls' room, setting off a barrage of squeals, before backing out quickly and mumbling, "Sorry, wrong room!" The girls were thrilled nonetheless -- but especially so when Bieber returned, grinning, "I'm just kidding!"

Bieber handed the girls their passes and gave them hugs -- and likely damaged his own hearing in the process. "Aw, don't cry!" he smiled. Katie began bawling anyway, making for both a sweet and semi-awkward moment for the star. "We didn't think we were going to get in!" Penny shrieked.

Bieber assured, "Of course you're gonna get in! You guys get to go to a concert and you get to hang out," he said lightly, perching on the couch next to Katie. "How you guys doin'?" Katie's answer was in the form of her wailing in elation that she's going to die. "Don't die!" Bieber laughed.

The girls couldn't contain themselves, and from the look on Bieber's face, he's simultaneously amused and used to it. After a bit more banter with the girls, it's time for Bieber to book it out of there. "Thank you so much for coming," he says earnestly as Katie continues to bawl and Penny is too excited to muster many words. He hugs the girls and says, "Have a good time at the show. Scream loud, okay?" He makes a subdued and graceful exit, leaving the girls to sit, holding one another and shaking uncontrollably.

The clip, taken from Bieber's TLC special, is both sweet and revealing of just how influential and moving Bieber is to his fan base. We dare you to watch it and not become a Belieber -- if only for two minutes. You can watch the full special on Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 9PM on TLC.

Watch Justin Bieber Surprise His Fans in TLC TV Special