Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes, like LMFAO, are welcoming back the NBA in a big, big way. The league underwent a lengthy lockout that nearly saw the season canceled, but the 2011-2012 season kicked off on Christmas. While it's a shortened season, the excitement is in the air. For their promo, the Biebs and Busta perform their rendition of the holiday classic 'Little Drummer Boy.'

The Biebs, wrapped in a varsity jacket, allowing him to play up an athletic vibe, sings the song in front of a Christmas tree. The teenage superstar is also pictured in a holiday setting as images of league superstars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki flash on the screen.

The shots of the ballers find them all engaging in similar hand gestures and movements. Bieber is seen drumming and balling, while Busta raps. If you pay close attention, you'll see a shot of Snoop Dogg courtside at a Lakers game.

This spot does a good job of capturing the chest-beating bravado that comes along with being a professional athlete. Astute basketball fans will notice that when the Biebs sings about a "newborn king," an image of James pops up, as the Miami Heat star's nickname is "King James."

Watch the Justin Bieber + Busta Rhymes NBA Promo